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Work Hardening/Conditioning

Comprising two integral components, work conditioning and work hardening, occupational rehabilitation programs are meticulously designed to facilitate the recovery and return to work for patients who have experienced systemic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, or musculoskeletal challenges.

Helping Others

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is a crucial stage in the return-to-work process as it emphasizes the comprehensive restoration of patients' physiological and functional capacities.

Key Aspects:


Strength Training

Improve muscle strength for enhanced physical capability.


Endurance Training

Increase stamina and resistance to fatigue during work activities.

Brain Storming

Motor Control

Refine coordination and precision in movement for task efficiency.


Mobility Training

Enhance flexibility and range of motion for improved movement.

Positive Outcomes:

Progressive improvement of strength & endurance

Increased level of productivity, and work capacity

Essential skills development

Increased self-esteem and independence

*Note: This program is provided on a fee-for-service basis for individuals who are receiving support from private insurance companies or WSIB. Self-referrals are also accepted for those who are not receiving assistance from any of the above.

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