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Get Settled in Canada

Welcome to Canadian Society!

PCAS provides help for Newcomers to identify and resolve settlement issues which may pose as barriers to their integration into Canadian society and entering the workforce.


Settlement Specialists know our community and can help you get the information you need to make good decisions about your life in Canada.

Services are provided at no cost to eligible newcomers as service is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Pre-Employment Services

Ready for your First Canadian Resume?

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Need help with Cover Letter Writing?


Searching for a job?
We can help!


Ready for a job interview?

Information & Orientation

Tax Income Reports

Application Assistance


Understanding life in Canada

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Government Support & Benefits

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Understanding Canadian Systems

Eligibility Criteria

To access Settlement Services, clients must present immigration documents for any of the following statuses in Canada: 

  • Permanent Residents

  • Convention Refugees

  • Live-in Caregivers

  • Ukrainian nationals who arrived to Canada under the CUAET Program

Resume Writing

Complimentary Services

Commission of Oath

Commissioner of Oath

Access the service to receive support with attestations, certified true copies, signature witnessing, and more.

Ontario Electricity Support Program

Need a credit on your electricity bill? Connect with a referral agent for new and renewed applications. 

Furniture Bank Referral

Upon eligibility, receive assistance in completing your application to purchase gently used furniture at an affordable cost.

Tax Clinic

Free services for eligible clients to receive support in tax preparation

Benefits Of Our Services!

Career Assessments: Identify vocational skills and interest areas based on self-strengths and limitations; receive guidance in assessing level of employability.

Develop positive attitude/tools to deal with, and overcome barriers to settlement and employment for newcomers.

Work with a Settlement/Employment Counsellor to identify individual needs and access resources.

Prepare for successful integration into Canadian culture & introduction to Canadian workplace culture.

Advocacy: receive assistance with connecting to community partners and government entities.

Achieve a greater level of sufficiency built on self-esteem and independence.

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