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Customer Service Retail Logistics         CSRL -Work Readiness Program
Gain practical experience with simulated store training.

CSRL Work Readiness Program is a 2-WEEK comprehensive training initiative designed to prepare individuals for success in the dynamic fields of Customer Service, Retail, and Logistics. This program is crafted to equip participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to excel in retail industry.

About This Program


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PCAS proved pivotal for me. Under the expert guidance of instructors Manjot Kaur, Marina Rosas, and Taj Harriott, I honed my resume, interview skills, and gained visibility with employers. Their customer service training was instrumental. 


Anjali T.

My experience with PCAS was nothing short of remarkable. I enhanced my resume, polished interview techniques, and significantly increased my visibility in the job market. 

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Fazalrabi S.

With adept facilitators and pragmatic teachings, it cultivates indispensable competencies and a resilient mindset essential for thriving in the retail landscape. Highly recommended for those aspiring to carve a successful path in this demanding sector.


Jasmeen K.

Through expert instruction and practical insights, this program cultivates essential skills and fosters a mindset for success in the retail industry. Highly commendable for those aspiring to excel in this competitive field.

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