How Do You Find The Hidden Job Market?

It seems almost a rude joke being played on people desirous of finding work: Most jobs getting crowded these days aren’t even advertised.

Alternatively, they’re typically part of the hidden job market — those millions of job opportunities that never get formally posted. It now accounts for up to 80% of hires, according to some surveys.

Given a choice, most companies prefer to fill positions without advertising. It saves money and time. More importantly, managers who hire often consider the most proper candidates are people who now work for their firms (or once did) and referrals from staffers.

Cold Messaging

If the notion of cold messaging someone by phone or email makes you uneasy, don’t worry, you’re not alone! But, cold messaging employees at organizations you’re involved in working for can be an excellent way to tap into the hidden job market and make contacts.

Use Social Media

Many businesses are active on various social media platforms. Check out their sites to see where they manage accounts, and make sure to connect with them.

To crack into the hidden job market, try to concentrate on LinkedIn and Twitter. Those two platforms tend to get the most job business engagement with employers, hiring managers, and recruiters.

Network Creatively

Don’t tap into the hidden job market by directly networking through LinkedIn or only attending local events. Think outside the box and utilize all of the tools and resources open to you.

Network online, within social media, and in person. Besides, you cast your net, the more jobs you’re likely to get. Remember, you need to sustain your network, so try to repay the favour for those you reach out to.

Go to Conferences (When Safe)

Conferences are also an excellent place to start conversations with someone who might know someone who knows someone who is hiring for the same job you are trying to find. Even if you don’t snag an interview that day, grow your network, connect, and engage in specialist development, which says a lot to organizations.

Subscribe to News Alerts

Subscribing to news alerts will retain you in the know when significant changes happen with companies. While these alerts won’t certainly be about jobs, you can learn more about a company and find the positions from there.

Maybe it made a new acquisition. Or maybe the company just ended the deal on a big plot of land. Either way, these alerts can assist you to tap into the hidden job market before active hiring starts.

Attend industry conferences or trade shows

While there are many opportunities to network into the hidden job market online, there’s also an excess of methods to do it in person. If you prefer to build professional connections in person, attending appropriate conferences and trade shows could be your ticket into the hidden job market.

Conferences are an attractive option for establishing long-lasting connections that could lead to job proposals because it allows candidates to interact with business connections face-to-face. While these events can often be costly for attendees, there are more affordable options for everyone.

Keep in contact with former co-workers and professional connections

After leaving a job, several professionals let the connections they built there slip to the wayside. Try to avoid this when you withdraw from a position because these professional relationships can be relevant down the line.

Look for opportunities at your modern company.

People who are just setting feelers out for new opportunities in the hidden job market, but haven’t left their position yet, could look for opportunities with their current employer.

Companies often prefer to take the road of the hidden job market because they want to hire a candidate who already works for their company. It needs a less dramatic transition if you’re hired for the position because you’re previously familiar with the company’s criteria and expectations.

Reach out to companies that you want to work for.

When all else fails, there is one resort left to enter the hidden market and all the secret job openings it holds. This is done by reaching out straight to the companies that you want to work for.

Cold-calling for possible job openings sends a shiver of nerves up the bones of people who have never done it before, but it can be enriching. Before you contact an organization immediately to ask about their open positions, do the proper research first.

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