How to Get Success in Canada’s Labor Market?

One of the most critical steps, when you are planning to immigrate to Canada is discovering job opportunities for foreigners. Of course, you will also need to stay apprised about Canada’s job market once you visit. As always, we try to connect experienced immigrants with appropriate knowledge and tools to streamline your job search.

That’s why we determined to study the employment outcomes for more than 6,400 skilled newcomers in Canada. We looked at the determinants that influence an immigrant’s strength to succeed in the labour market. Those factors cover experience, profession, education, and other demographics.

Studies also revealed some exciting results. In this blog post, we review the key conclusions from our report. Below, you can learn more about the determinants that influence achievement, as well as the restrictions that prevent newcomers from entirely using their abilities and experience in Canada.

Your Gender

According to researches, it has been found that men were more prone to be employed than women in Canada.

Women were also less inclined to have a job in their area (or area of expertise). Additionally, they were less prone to have a job that met the level of their experience or skills.

Field of Work

The survey shows that it is not easy for experienced immigrants to continue working in their field of expertise once they resettle in Canada.

Less than half of poll respondents said they stayed in the same field of business once they moved to Canada. Nearly one-third of respondents had to develop sectors after migrating to Canada, notwithstanding the majority (91.4 percent) wishing to wait in the same field post-migration.

However, it was more comfortable for immigrants in specific sectors to continue training.

Canadian Experience

You are more inclined to find employment opportunities once you have some experience in Canada. If you enter the nation as an international student or short foreign worker, you have an extremely better chance of finding productive employment.

In fact, those who migrated under the Canadian Experience Class were 2.4 times more prone to be employed than those who entered through other economic streams.

Country of Education

Did you go to school in your residence country or study overseas? And your studies matters when it comes to looking for a job in Canada.

For instance, immigrants who achieved their most powerful degree in the United States were more inclined to find work in a position that matched their sector and abilities once they migrated to Canada.

Country of Origin

Your nation of origin could connect with a greater likelihood of finding employment in Canada. For instance, according to surveys, many respondents from the Philippines had the most significant employment rates.

However, the strength to find employment easily does not certainly mean you will be able to find jobs in your field. In the example used above, it is essential to note that several of our respondents worked in health care in the Philippines; now, they operate in food services and other areas. This suggests that they met challenges in accessing their preferred profession in Canada.

What Can You Do to Enhance Your Probabilities of Achievement in the Job Market?

You might not be able to grow where you were born, where you went to school, or what you read. But other factors within your power will influence your overall career victory in Canada.

Here are three things you can do upon return, based on data from our report:

Learn About Managed Professions

You might discover that the position you held in your home country is deemed a regulated profession in Canada. In this instance, you might require new licensing when you arrive in Canada.

Avail Benefit of Employment Services

Various surveys revealed that job seekers who used career services had greater employment rates than those who did not.

English Proficiency

Whether you begin before you depart from your home country or arrive in Canada, it’s a great idea to take courses to improve your English.

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