Family Service of Peel

Family Services of Peel was established on April 1st, 1971 as a non-profit, charitable agency to provide family and community support services for the people of Peel. As a multi-service organization, we offer professional counselling, support for victims of abuse and for people with developmental disabilities, employment services, education programs, and leadership in research. To connect with Family Services of Peel, call 905-270-2250 or e-mail

Trauma Intervention

One-to-one counselling,  group counselling, peer to peer, education and support services for:

  • Children who have either experienced or witnessed violence
  • Women who have experienced domestic sexual violence/abuse
  • Men who have experienced early childhood abuse
  • Men and women who have been charged with domestic assault
  • Seniors who have been or currently are being exploited, abused and/or are experiencing various types of challenges and struggles
  • Families that are involved with Peel Children’s Aid Society



Individuals, couples and families can access counselling services.

Counselling is accessed through:

  • Walk-In – This service is available at our Mississauga location every Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and every Saturday (excluding holiday weekends), from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. No appointments needed. First come first served basis.
  • Appointment – Call our Intake Department to book an appointment or to meet with a counsellor.


Family Law:

  • Family law consultation services are offered through a partnership between Family Services of Peel and Mississauga Law Chambers.
  • Individuals can meet with a lawyer to discuss matters of custody, separation, divorce, child support, and other related matters.
  • This FREE service is offered on a “first come basis” every Wednesday at our Mississauga location, from 6:00pm to 8:45pm.


Families & Schools

Families Connected Program

We are offering a VIRTUAL modified version of our Families & Schools Together Program.

This modified version “Families Connected Program” is designed to build parent-child relationships, improve family communication and social supports through a variety of activities and resources.

Families will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and discussions that are culturally relevant and age appropriate. Through “Parent Time” parents will have an opportunity to chat on specific issues and topics, share tips and challenges, and receive resources. Weekly topics include communication, conflict resolution and bullying, celebrating our differences, self and family care, and parenting.

How is the program structured? Each cycle has:

  • 4 Families
  • 2 Facilitators (from our Agency)
  • Meets virtually 1x per week for 5 weeks

How do families register?

  • Families can self-refer by sending an email indicating their interest in the Families Connected Program.
  • A facilitator will connect with them to do a Pre-Screen and Intake.

Families & Schools Together Program

Families and Schools Together (F&ST) is an innovative, collaborative prevention and parent involvement program in which whole families gather at school and participate in specific, fun, research-based activities aimed at strengthening families, empowering parents and building healthy communities.

This eight-week program in the Region of Peel, is offered in elementary schools for children (ages 5 to 9) to support healthy child development. The whole family is invited to participate in fun activities that strengthen relationships with the family. Involvement of the school’s principal and teachers further builds the relationship between the family and school staff.



A variety of services are available for you if you are seeking employment opportunities. Program staff will work with you to identify your strengths and assist you in setting employment goals. Programs are available for individuals from 15 to above seeking employment. Eligibility requirements vary by program.

  • Employment Ontario
  • Job Bank
  • Youth Opportunities Program (YOP)
  • Second Career
  • Ready, Willing & Able (RWA)


Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Adults with developmental disabilities that have been assessed can access our services. Our skilled staff will work with you and community partners to help you set and achieve your personal goals.

  • Adult Protective Service (APS)
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)