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Programa para personas mayores

Mantener la mente aguda y el cuerpo ambulatorio significa involucrar la mente y el cuerpo de maneras que mejoren las fortalezas y pongan a prueba las capacidades cognitivas.

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Welcome to Our Seniors Program

At Peel Career Assessment Services, we believe in cherishing and honoring our seniors, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our society. Our seniors program is designed to provide a nurturing and engaging environment for older adults to thrive, connect, and continue leading fulfilling lives.

What You Can Expect!

Health & Wellness

Our senior program promotes holistic well-being through physical sports and mental wellness sessions.


Community Engagement

Seniors are encouraged to engage in community service and volunteering to make a positive impact.


Activities and Events

We provide a variety of activities for seniors, including workshops, pottery, dance, Tai Chi, & fitness classes.


Support Services

We assist seniors with essential services like government benefits and newcomer integration.

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