What Programs & Services Are Available To Newcomers To Canada?

Canada offers some of the most excellent newcomer services in the world. These are services meant to help new foreigners find housing and employment, develop their language skills, help file taxes, enroll children in school, and more. These plans are government-funded and differ by province and territory.

Housing and Services

Finding services is normally an essential matter for newcomers to Canada. The first position you stay in when visiting Canada may be volatile, and that’s fine. A short-term apartment rental, hostel, or stay with friends can assist you in getting to understand the new city you’re in. Short-term apartments can also allow you to travel to various neighbourhoods, so if you find a job beyond the town, you can move closer to work if you would like.

If you understand where you would like to stay and are willing to commit to more long-term services, make sure you are informed of all the housing costs involved. Keep in mind that housing prices modify throughout Canada, with primary cities such as Toronto costing much more than Montréal. Some rental contracts include specific services, such as heat and electricity, while others do not.

Employment Services

Employment services are designed to assist you in finding a job and assist you to feel relaxed in your new work environment. The process of discovering and applying for a job in Canada may be distinctive from your home country. Check with your neighbourhood newcomer service center for assistance preparing your résumé.

Once you find a job, you may also want to visit informational sessions on Canadian workplace culture. This will assist you in understanding what is expected of you at your job, for instance, how many hours per week is adequate to work and how employees interact with each other and clients.

Education for Children

If you are visiting Canada with your children, you may need assistance enrolling them in school. If you don’t remember where or how your child can attend school, check with a local newcomer service in your area. Here you can see what documents you will need to record your child. Suppose you already know the school your child will be attending. In that matter, the school guidance counsellor can help register for classes and explain school organizations such as what is expected from students, parents, and teachers. It can be hard for children to adapt to a new way of life and make new friends. Most schools offer language training for French or English as well as group projects after school.

Language Training

With two standard languages in Canada, there is no lack of language training. Residents with a strong Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), permanent resident status, or citizenship are eligible for government-funded language courses. The first step to engaging in language classes in Canada is to evaluate your language ability. You can do this both online before coming to Canada, at various newcomer service centers, and before joining a government-funded language course.

Services for International Students

You may have questions about healthcare, student housing, transportation, opening a bank account, and working in Canada as an international student. If you have not yet been accepted to a university, you can study in-depth about living as an international student in Canada. If you have already been accepted to a college or university in Canada, be sure to explore their university website.

Most colleges and universities in Canada have a department on campus to assist all students with several services, such as finding housing, entering into a healthcare plan, and adapting to Canadian culture. There may even be a particular department on campus for international students.

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