Mentorship: The new mantra to build better opportunities for Youth

A recent report by a public web portal that releases genuine news for the masses to read and develop a huge plethora of knowledge and guidelines on youth-specific topics stated that one youth in every ten parts have enrolled themselves in mentorship programs. The growing popularity can be estimated through numbers. And youth with a mentor has a very strong chance to graduate with a high-paying job. The best part of the mentorship program is that it a youth is less likely to fall victim to substance abuse. And there is another story where a good mentorship program divulges better youth jobs. Well what part of it is true and what part does not, we will discuss more about it in this article.

Expectation vs. reality
Parents usually expect their kids to learn to do homework on their own or learn a few management and organizational skills. 

However, the reality of these mentorship programs is way different. It is not the common tuition program where your kid learns a few fables and tables to ace in the exam. They use techniques where they equip kids and youth to use their brain, common sense than the heart. The reality of this kind of youth employment program is one can assure a pure energy vibe through the mind, soul, and body. 

When a youth looking for youth jobs enrolls in a youth employment center, he/she will be groomed in a kind of behavior that helps in profound engagement and also ensure the empowerment of the next generation, creating more youth jobs. The experience that a youth undergoes can be incredibly strong. Let us see how:

  • The base of confidence: The base of confidence lies in effective communication. And mentoring allows employees to become more self-aware and confident in their skills. The art of. A confident communication lets a youth take responsibility of the situation and resolves them at all costs, creative a positive impact on the employer.
  • Energize: Post-lunch activity at work also re-energize in a good way, giving a mental vacation. These youth when enrolled in these types of program, teaches them how to take a mental break at work, it could be a short 15mins nap, or you play a game on phone, watch a comic episode. These short breaks give a boost to the lost energy levels.
  • Boost creativity: Even when your profile does not allow you to do things creatively, then also a short creative episode at work or at home eases the tired mind and helps you take things more seriously and instigate better ideas with better organizational ways.

Unseen Perks
Organizations seldom realize the perks involved in making a youth go through these youth employment services. It serves as a mock battlefield before the actual battle begins. Indirectly it creates more youth jobs for the masses. These activities have a positive impact on youth. Let us see how:

  • Team coordination: If you are playing or working in a team, to win you need to play like a team and communicate with all the team members by sending positive vibes all around.
  • Playing and working as a team: While recruiting, organizations look for individuals who are keen listeners, can resolve issues, and keep the team bonded at all times. A team player is a winner.
  • Boost brainstorming: When a youth has creative work at hand, he will imbibe ways to succeed. And in this process, the mind develops new success ideas and is also the key to implementing them.
  • Confident communication: Good communication is your key to success. However, if the same conversation that you had with your superior with fitted confidence, then you must have won half of the argument. This technique is taught at this mentorship program where youth can qualify in multiple youth jobs. 
  • High level of determination: An undeterred determination level can help you take control of the situation which will wade you through the interview round creating more employment for youth.
  • Better leaders: These programs are created in such a way that can evoke proclaimed leaders.