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PCAS Inc. is planning to support community partners, clients, youths, and seniors by providing space and gym equipment.


PCAS Inc. is providing space for equipment and activities but needs your donation to help provide equipment for those spaces.


Gym equipment include:

• treadmill

• elliptical

• weights

• ropes

• showers


Activities include:

• yoga sessions

• tai chi


Please donate through the form below or visit the CanadaHelps website.

Your donation is greatly appreciated and truly makes a difference in our community!

Alternatively, click the image below to donate.


Donate Now Through!

If donating by cheque:

Please make all cheques payable to Peel Career Assessment Services and mail to: 975  Meyerside Dr Mississauga, ON L5T 1P9

You can receive a tax receipt for each donation you make.