How employment resource center helps to find career opportunities?

Recently a press release by the job resource center has drawn attention to the current scenario of the labor market that tells you the competition is going to be tough in the coming few months. Canada was once a land full of job opportunities has been not so in the last two years. The COVID-19 outbreak has dried up jobs in all parts of Canada. So, in these bad times, there are a few things you need to consider like employment resource center and the programs that can an individual take up to improve his business score, add extra skills to the resume, heal his bruised mind, get more industrial exposure in like circumstances- through workshops and much more.

Employment resource center

It is the best source for exploring new job opportunities whether you are a fresher or a seasoned professional. It includes the best employment services to choose from like prolific educational programs for, part-time, skill up-gradation for full time, or even if you are looking for paid or unpaid internship.

Here each course is tailored according to need specific needs and work. These courses are so designed that a person can have one-o-one / group counseling could be arranged to boost their confidence. Training sessions on job search are arranged to help each individual to understand the market need. Apart from courses, there are a plethora of other sessions included like assistance in filing applications for government-funded training and knowing the current and future employment trends through the job resource center. And this center is not meant only for employees or for employees who have taken a break from work but also for college-goers for books, notes, and a lot of important study material. So, one could easily be prepared right from school to secure a stable job that balances your professional career and personal life.

Disciplinary Programs

1) Newcomer services– It explores various career possibilities and job opportunities for immigrants, refugees, and live-in caregivers. This program is so designed that a new immigrant can easily settle down and can enter into the workforce of the country by helping them to find a place to stay and providing them with the best opportunities.

2) Work Hardening/ Conditioning– Work hardening is a specially featured program meant for boosting the self-esteem of an injured employee so that he/she resumes work with positive energy. This works in 90% of the cases. And these are so designed that it easily stores the structural, behavioral, vocational, and physical functions of somebody with ease. This includes a set of musculoskeletal exercises, a multitude of functional activities, and strict worker performance. This is meant for increasing the strength of the individual both physically and mentally.

3) Psycho-Vocational Evaluation– It involves psychological and vocational testing methods various vocational courses are also included, which an individual can select according to their aptitude, interest, skill, psychological capacity, and physical strength. This program is so designed that heals a person and evaluates his/her complete strength that might have got bruised during employment tenure. One can complete the test at his/her speed in a comfortable way in a period of 1-3days. This program is so designed that analyses extra skills that can be aesthetically converted into a full-fledged career in the future. These additional skills and expertise are so honed that they can serve as a source of income for an individual.

4) Business Hub– This employment service center has an exclusive program for entrepreneurs or small business owners for their small-time business needs. This program is exclusively designed for people in peel regions. This program is so designed that a small-time businessman or a start-up hub to provide them with all necessary amenities all at one place like virtual office services like reception, meeting room, boardrooms for occasional and long term use with vital presentation equipment, computers with high-speed internet, and access to business and trade directories for all-round development. 

5) Fulfilment Services– This is to provide employment training on much-needed local businesses to increase productivity and output. This includes training on packaging solutions like labeling repacking, shrink & skin wrapping, blister packaging, etc, and also information about warehouse fulfillment solutions like order picking and packaging, etc which give an extra boost to your resume and can be fruitful in improving ob security.