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Success Story

Our Client's Success Stories


Job Search at PCAS

Gary D.

I would say PCAS is a highly professional organization that helps job seekers with their next career. Their monthly training webinars are very helpful for improving my resume writing and interview skills, and I am so grateful for the many job opportunities that they provided. The team, like Odane Chamberlaine, are all very nice and knowledgeable, and I appreciate their hard work and all the help I received, which led to my new job. If you are looking for resources for your job search, I would definitely recommend PCAS.


Multilingual Services at PCAS

Emma L.

Rena, 非常感恩您今天下午您安排的的非常有帮助的会议。我们受益匪浅的同时也会让我们会走更少的弯路. 再次感谢您的帮助. 祝好!Emma.

Translation: Rena, Thank you very much for arranging the virtual meeting with us this afternoon! We have benefited a lot from your guidance which will pave the road for us while adapting our new life in Canada. Thank you for your help again! Regards! Emma.


My Volunteer Experience at PCAS

Nebita S.

Over the past six months, I've had the honor of serving as a receptionist and data entry operator in our esteemed organization. My time volunteering at PCAS has been incredibly enriching. It has significantly nurtured my personal growth and confidence while allowing me to make a meaningful contribution.

I've embraced each day's tasks with enthusiasm and diligence during my role as a receptionist. I've embraced each day's tasks with enthusiasm and diligence during my role as a receptionist. From ensuring smooth morning openings to efficiently managing incoming calls and messages, I've strived to maintain a welcoming and organized front desk environment. Additionally, by proficiently scheduling new client appointments and meticulously executing closing procedures, I've played an integral part in ensuring the smooth operational flow of our organization.

Furthermore, I've dedicated myself to upholding the accuracy and up-to-date client records with utmost pride in my role as a data entry operator. Tasked with assigning PCAS client numbers, updating logs, and establishing new client profiles, I've been essential in maintaining the integrity of our database. Moreover, my commitment to meticulous formatting standards for labels has significantly contributed to the seamless organization of settlement client files, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to undergo warehouse training, where I continued to

Support the organization by ensuring quality control in the packaging of products and

Supervising clients. Additionally, I attended workshops on Interview Skills and customer

Services training, further enhancing my skill set.

Beyond the technical facets of my volunteer role, this experience has profoundly transformed me on a personal level. Engaging with both colleagues and clients has cultivated a profound sense of confidence in my ability to communicate effectively and navigate diverse tasks with poise. Every interaction has served as an opportunity for growth, strengthening my interpersonal skills and fortifying my self-assurance.

Reflecting on the past six months, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. My volunteer journey has been a testament to the transformative power of service, enhancing both my professional skills and personal confidence. Looking ahead, I'm excited to continue this journey of growth and contribution and eager to make a positive impact within our organization and beyond.


My Employment Service Experience at PCAS

Chad T.

I had the privilege to meet and have Odane as my worker. Odane helped from start to finish with his tireless work ethic, friendly personality, phone call check-ups, resume building, job searching, transportation, work attire and the list goes on. I am truely grateful for everything this program has offered me and I am a Prime Example of how much this program can benefit anybody!

Thanks again Odane for ‘Everything’, none of this would be possible without you. Happy Holidays to you and your family and all the best in the upcoming New Year, stay safe brother!!!!


My First Job Resume

Veniesha R.

I thank PCAS for their excellent career services. I worked along with Marina who ensured my resume was “Canada-Ready”. It was with this transformed resume I was able to land an interview shortly afterwards and I got the job! The PCAS team is responsive to their client’s needs, knowledgeable, and resourceful in assisting new comers like myself to transition more easily. If you are struggling in your job search even though you are well qualified, PCAS is a good place to start to change that.

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