Helpful ways to deal with Seniors Isolation and Depression

Depression and Isolation among seniors is a big issue. Although many people consider that it is a common part of ageing and is natural for senior citizens to grow feelings of isolation and depression. But it is merely a myth, and the fact is that it’s not at all necessary that old age should always increase sadness or bring depression. Sure it is more common among the elderly people than youngsters but it does not mean that it is a permanent part of old age. A lot of times it is just a circumstantial thing and if the right atmosphere and environment is provided to the seniors, they can very effectively deal with the problems of sadness, loneliness, and depression.

Peel Career Assessment Services’ Seniors Program provides several ways through which these problems can be addressed and the seniors can be helped to get over their negative thoughts and they can eventually be made to feel happy and lively again. But before mentioning those techniques, first we must put some light on what the exact symptoms of depression among the elderly for awareness purposes.

  • Suicidal/ self-destructive thoughts, is the main symptom but it is perhaps the most known one also so we will discuss some more symptoms below that are associated with depression among the elderly and need to be observed equally.
  • Feelings of helplessness and despair especially if ignored by friends or family.
  • Lack of enthusiasm and feeling unmotivated towards activities. This particularly happens in the case of those who retire from their long-time jobs.
  • Feeling like there is no sense of purpose in life.
  • Feeling a lack of self-worth, as in you are a burden on family and friends, or even the society in general.
  • Turning to alcohol or drugs and maximizing the use of the same to the level of abuse without caring about any consequences.
  • Negligence towards personal hygiene and not following any proper sleeping or eating patterns anymore.

All the above are the most common symptoms of depression but there are sure shot ways to overcome these and feeling happy and worthy in life again, feeling enthusiastic about life again. All it needs is to pay attention to making some lifestyle changes and a little encouragement from others.

We will discuss these lifestyle changes further and also the methods that prove very effective in erasing isolation and depression from the life of the senior citizens. All of such techniques and facilities are offered in our Seniors Program. The methods offered by us under our Seniors Program have proven to be immensely successful in tackling the problems of loneliness and isolation among the elderly.

Some of the features of our Program are as follows:

  • We provide physical activities like Cycling, Golf, Table Tennis, Tai Chi, and other exercises and workouts that are focused on breathing techniques to make the seniors feel more fresh, and more enthusiastic again.
  • To keep them mentally healthy we provide exercises for the mind like Sudoku puzzles, various crafts, as well as Artwork classes to keep them motivated in daily life.
  • We offer them computer learning and internet sessions so that they can develop an active mindset and positive perspective towards life. Spending time in such activities will help them see their life with a new optimistic outlook.

These are small but very powerful measures adopted under the supervision of our experts with providing the senior citizens with a much needed sense of self-worth and productivity.

To avail Peel Careers’ tried and tested program services for yourself or anyone you know who you think will benefit from all these healthy lifestyle changes offered under our Seniors program, just contact us via email or telephone and book an appointment.

Peel Career Assessment Services are always willing and ready to help bring you or your loved ones out of loneliness and depression with our best efforts.