Employer Hiring & Training Incentives

Hiring and training incentives for employers

Need help Recruiting the right candidate?

Take advantage of government funding, programs and federal tax incentives to help hire and train employees for your business, not-for-profit or public-sector organization.

Job Matching includes the following FREE services:

  • Support to employers to identify skills and capabilities that are needed to enhance the work environment.
  • Matching employer’s skill needs to clients.
  • Holding hiring events within our centres to connect you to the right candidates. Placement Incentive:
  • This incentive is to encourage employers to give work experience opportunities to motivated, reliable & dependable clients.
  • Financial compensation to offset some of the employers’ costs related to a potential temporary dip in productivity, trainee costs and supervision requirements.


Gain assistance with a job/placement based on your career objectives.

Finding it hard to compete in a competitive job market?

We can remove barriers to employment by matching your skills and work experience to employment opportunities.

Thanks to Government Funding we can offer an employer a ‘training incentive’ to offset the initial cost of on-the-job training; improving your opportunities for skilled employment.

Connect with a Job Developer for further information on this service!
Save time and money: The job matching, placement incentives component matches the skills and interests of the client with employment opportunities and the requirements of the employer.


  • Programming is tailored to each specific need and worker style
  • One-on-one and/or group counselling and job search training sessions
  • Assistance identifying skills and interest areas based on strengths and limitations
  • Expert help in identifying current and future employment opportunities
  • Guidance and assistance in preparing applications for funded training
  • Access to our Employment Resource Centre


Full Suite Employment Services are open to readily available for anyone who may benefit from these services. Services are provided at no cost to any applicant. This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

To meet with a member of our Employment Team or for more information Please call us: 905.670.1967 or click here on  CONTACT to send us an email. Please provide us with your name, email and telephone number. Once we have received this information we will contact you to book an appointment.
IMPORTANT: Please ensure you bring the following with you when you come in for an appointment:
Identification: Two pieces of Government ID with pictures, Social Insurance Number and your current CV if available.