Best Job Search Techniques for Canada Youth

Across Canada, talent and ability deficits remain a matter for several businesses and industries. Recent researches recommend that 82% of employers strive to find appropriately trained and educated applicants to fill openings within their company. Conventional recruitment processes are insufficient; employers must adequately leverage emerging technologies to connect with youth talent, such as common and cognitive methods.

As technology unfolds, businesses must acknowledge different ways of drawing and recruiting youth talent. So, how do companies find adequate candidates? One of the most powerful ways to draw the best people is to support job vacancies through sources, such as online job boards.

Job boards, such as Workopolis and Indeed, still performs a vital role in company recruitment purposes, including mobile apps so that job seekers can seek popular opportunities on the go from handheld devices. This blog will help with youth employment services on the top three job boards to use when balancing your workforce with educational interns or post-secondary graduates.

Top 3 Job Boards for Canadian Employers

One of the most significant hurdles faced by employers remains to be drawing youth talent. Knowing where and when to reach out to post-secondary undergraduates and recent graduates can make a huge difference. To do so, companies are inspired to optimize their web presence to draw and efficiently interact with millennials. Recent investigations show that 81% of millennials value the strength to stay relevant online, anywhere and anytime.

The following online job posting resources will help your company connect with high ability candidates and entice additional applications:

LinkedIn: Social Media Recruitment

LinkedIn is one of the best-licensed networking platforms owned by Microsoft. This social media network gives access to many specialists, from students and graduates to corporate administrators. The most recent data shows that LinkedIn has over 467 million users, and 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to expose top talent.

LinkedIn can be used as a qualification tool and enables employers to check out a possible candidate’s profile and obtain a sense of their work experience and informative background before making any connection. Additionally, recruiters can upload a targeted job posting within the platform, communicate with potential hires, and support candidates to apply online. The program will also match and suggest possible candidates based on their profiles without them manually applying.

LinkedIn Jobs charges $395 pre-tax per post; the platform then suits your job description’s requirements to LinkedIn profiles and posts relevant/applicable candidates connected to your job description via email or direct message. It’s an excellent way to maximize your exposure and access a vast population of proper candidates. To get excited, you’ll need a LinkedIn account. Once you’re logged in, you can post jobs on the LinkedIn.

Indeed: World’s Biggest Recruitment Service

Indeed is the best job search engine, and online recruitment source is known globally. Businesses can upload job postings for free or pay a small fee to advertise their postings to draw qualified candidates. Employers are supported to make sure their job information is directed, pleasant, and qualifying to reduce the number of irrelevant applicants. Additionally, Indeed enables job seekers to utilize positions straight from the website.

The current resource also provides a mobile app, which generates 45% of the overall job searches on Indeed. In a recent study, it was reported that Indeed hit a record of 200 million different visitors, which was a 40% jump from the previous year. Job seekers have access to over 16 million postings globally, with 8.2 new jobs posted per second.

Employers must decide whether they would like to use the free service or the pay-per-click model to get ignited. On Indeed’s website and mobile application, businesses can select ‘Post a Job’ and upload information concerning vacancies within their organization.

TalentEgg: Post-Secondary Interns & Graduates

TalentEgg is Canada’s most successful youth hiring job board and online career resource for undergraduates and recent graduates. The online platform provides solutions that support both students and grads on the job hunt and employers looking to draw top talent to their team. In extension, job seekers can access career-building resources, such as how to write a resume and cover letter.

On average, produces over 250,000 visitors per month and assists approximately 3 million employers and students/graduates. The company also encourages entrepreneurship and offers professional development training courses to connect students with successful job opportunities.

TalentEgg charges around $500 per customized job posting and encourages employers to connect with the youth talent best accommodated for their organization. For employers and youth talent who cannot serve career fairs, TalentEgg offers a platform that succeeds on-campus recruitment.